What Options Are Available For Enforcing A Divorce Settlement?

Divorce settlements are a lot like personal injury lawsuits in that you may win the case but there's no guarantee the other party will pay the amount owed. While it can be challenging to get a reluctant ex-spouse to adhere to the divorce decree, you do have options available for enforcing the judge's orders. Here are a couple you can try. File for a QDRO A QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) is a court decree that orders the paying party to turn over a portion of the benefits available in his or her retirement plan. [Read More]

Is It True People Can Add Themselves To Your Wrongful Death Lawsuit Without Your Consent?

Many people assume that when they file a lawsuit against defendants, the case will be limited to the parties named in the suit. However, outside parties can jump into the fray whether you want them to or not. Here's how this can happen and what effect it may have on the outcome of your case. Staging an Intervention It's not unusual for incidents to involve more people than just the plaintiffs and defendants named in lawsuits. [Read More]

Workers Compensation Insurance: Crucial Questions

Filing for workers compensation is a daunting experience for any employee. The process for obtaining workers compensation payments for injuries on the job is often lengthy and complex. In addition, many people know very little about the workers compensation program's rules and regulations. This article answers some of the crucial questions related to this important topic. Am I Automatically Covered? The workers compensation programs across the United States cover most employees, but some key exceptions exist. [Read More]

Are You Uncomfortable At Work Because Your Employer Is Trying To Push You Out? Hire A Lawyer Fast

When you have earned a job or position and you have someone that is trying to take your place or is trying to get you out of your job, there are different things that you need to take into consideration. If you aren't sure what you need to do to protect your job and are performing well at your position, you want to talk with a lawyer dealing with employment law right away. [Read More]