How To Meet The Brief Filing Requirements Found In The Lengthy Supreme Court Rule Book

When filing a briefing with the Supreme Court, it's important to make sure that your briefs will be formatted or reproduced in a manner that is compliant with the requirements of the Supreme Court. If your briefing does not meet these requirements, it might be rejected by the Supreme Court and you will be less likely to receive justice. The Requirements of the Supreme Court The Supreme Court has a very long rulebook that explains how the brief needs to be formatted. [Read More]

How To Respond To A Termination Petition During A Workers' Compensation Case

If you are injured and receive workers' compensation benefits, you might assume that you will continue to receive these benefits until you are fully recovered. However, your insurance provider might request that you see a doctor of their choosing. After seeing the doctor, you might discover that the doctor reported that you are no longer injured and the workers' compensation insurance provider has now filed a termination petition. If this is the case, you will need to contact a workers' compensation lawyer immediately. [Read More]

Defending Against Credit Card Debt Charges

Opening numerous credit card accounts can make the borrower accumulate large amounts of debts. The lending company can sue the borrower if they fail to pay their credit card debt on time and within the agreed terms. Sued borrowers can seek the help of a credit card debt lawyer to defend them in court. Some defenses that could require the assistance of an attorney include failure of proof of debt ownership, issuing period expiration, and negotiating a settlement. [Read More]

Things That Can Ruin Your Custody Case

One of the pertinent issues during a divorce is child custody. In some cases, the court will offer joint custody, while in others, one parent will have sole custody. While a family attorney can do so much to help your custody case, you need to conduct yourself in the right way to improve your chances of getting custody. Read on to learn more! Failing to Pay Child Support The court will instruct one spouse to pay child support in many divorce cases. [Read More]